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Shumaila Siddiqui
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With the increasing number of rapes in India, Self defence is the must have skill that a women should learn and teach the younger girls for their safety. A women are mentally strong but physically they haven’t been trained enough. Because of the lack of awareness and lack of interest shown towards women physical strength.
A highly trained women about the self defence can make a hell lot of difference as a society. Self defence is the only way to make the girls safe and strong enough to handle the situation and threats around them.
They need to be self-assured of the defence techniques so that they fight hard against the oppressors. We all need to cultivate the idea in every small girl that a safety of them depends on them but not on others. That they only can make them feel safe and not the men of the society. They need to get straight that We will, and we have to make a move if anything wrong comes to them.
Self defence is like a shield against the enemies. So we need to keep building that shield stronger and stronger day by day. Once the shield is ready we are good to go. The saying prevention is better than cure suits well.
The University of Oregon found in a study that women who learned self-defence felt that they: had better safety strategies in place. were more equipped to deal with strangers, and people they know, in the context of potential assault or abuse.
The importance of self defence is innumerable and it is the assets that women can carry proudly to show the world that they are no less in power to defend themselves.
Schools, colleges and every other instuitions should start implementing the rule to learn the self-defence techniques. Women’s should learn self defence at any age, and they shouldn’t fear from anybody to apply that at any given point.
Women’s are powerful but with power of self defence they become unbreakable.