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anshika agarwal
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Still house chores are women’s duty. Why?
Yes! Still house chores are women’s duty.When it comes to household work women has most responsibilities. Men are also becoming feminist and helping women in women empowerment but household chores are still done by women.
Many women still believe that household chores is the duty of women. Household chores should be done by both without having a gender issue. Women work for hours in house without getting paid and the unpaid work is unappreciated and mostly preferred by men. It’s not only men’s fault women don’t want men to do household works. How many women are actually willing to give their kitchen duties to their husbands and have trust on them? Women thinks that they can do a better job than their partners when it comes to house chores because it requires a lot of patience and time to let your husband know where everything is placed in the kitchen. How are men going to learn cooking? Men can start from giving their small efforts in household chores by putting their dirty clothes in the washing machine.
For the change in the society and for the people to stop assuming that a daughter in law always comes learnt with all household skills Women needs to speak up. Make your position and your will clear before getting into any relationship. Every women deserves that man who will eat whatever she make without criticizing her.