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Saurav Kumar Singha
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We shouldn’t blame only ourselves. It has been coming since the era when the human was developing. From the beginning of the human race, this system had been implanted in our brain unconsciously. By the time though human has been developed or science technology, everything has been developed but the source of our existence still lies in our nature and it is being carried generation to generation. In the book ‘sapiens: a brief history of human kind’ I read a lot of things which we do or are occurred in our daily lives is not for our social system but those are happening since the start.
It seems to me that how much we will aware or consciously deal with these things I mean inequalities, we could throw out this blunder from our lives.
If we go back in earlier centuries we could find out that this type of thinking I mean which you wrote here is bizarre. But in this century a great number of people at least more than earlier are thinking about this and they are trying to throw it out. I hope people will be more sensible, and they will deal with the inequalities more consciously with time.