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Equality in marriage ?
“Hey she is your husband listen to him ”
“Hey did you have dinner before your husband”
These are few comments which women have to listen and to follow .A woman has never got equality in marriage . EQUALITY mean paying respect to each other in a relationship . In earlier times, women were not even asked whether they had to get married or not . And even after marriage, they were always given below status from husband, they did not have the right to eat before husband, they did not have the right to go anywhere without their insistence. After marriage, a woman has to leave her house, but why should a woman always leave her house ? And if ever a man decides that he will stay at his wife’s house, then society starts laughing at him. After marriage, the wife cannot wear the clothes of her choice that she likes . She needs the permission of the husband for everything.
This is all about the ancient period so let’s talk about the modern era . Now all is independent, she can take her own decision. But the decision to marry is not in his hands right now, even today people follow the old customs, due to which a woman cannot marry the person he loves, yes if he is well set and belongs to their cast . Even today, women have to leave their jobs after marriage, why not a man is asked to stay at home leave his job and career , why should a woman be expected to sit at home after marriage and handle children? Many men beat their wives and torture them. But then this society does not raise any voice against him , rather they says that he is her husband, it’s his right . After marriage, a woman is not even asked whether she wants to become a mother or not, whether she want to bear the responsibility of the child or not . The woman who do job, gets up early in the morning, prepares food for everyone, sends the children to school and husband to the office, and then she goes to work and make arrangements for the lunch and then in evening when is come back home do the other work and prepare food by her own . Both man and the woman go to work, but why only a woman cook food do other work and the man just comes and rest ?
Both of them need rest, if they come home and work together, then work will be quick, both will also get a chance to rest. If before marriage and once after marriage the woman is asked that she is happy with the marriage. Is she really wanted to get married or not . Just a little thing brings you a quality in a married bond .