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Gender inequality, is not a social norm for girls any more. 90% of our thinking process is based on that only issue, directly or indirectly. And the most shocking part that nobody take into consideration, is it is not only in root of women exploitation, but to men harassment too. Believe me, how much women are getting violated, men too are becoming it’s pray day by day.
If we start from childhood, gender discrimination has already been started from your mother’s womb. Then we bound both of them in their life choices. According to society, girls can’t like fights, action, intelligence and boys should never cry, never show his emotions.
If after being a girl you dress up like a boy, then you’ll be called like ‘bro’ and for a boy, it’s girly if he is arranged, presentable. From middle school’s ragging to high school’s ‘ hizra’, ‘not manly’, ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’,’short-dick’-terms are going to be stamped over you. And we’ll be the cause, our children shall face harassment in his/her everyday life.
After graduating, we expect a man to be muscular, handsome, tall and most necessarily earn a significant amount of money to look over his family and a woman to look sexy, skinny, fair and to serve her husband, family and house. Strange isn’t it? How we just agree with these concepts? Because of we don’t let our girls to go out and earn, indirectly we’re always suppressing our boys that he has to be an earner as his whole family depends on him. She could have a dream to run a business or even he could have a dream to follow his passion which doesn’t make huge money. But we’re not going to think about them, there’s a society who have fixed it’s rules, nearly before centuries and we’re most obedient follower of it.
She has to cook, he has to go to the office; she has to be a good mother, his duty is to make money for children, she should be expert in all ways, he can’t dance or sing as it doesn’t make money;she shouldn’t discover the unknown and he shouldn’t rest ; she shouldn’t study much and he, how could he let a girl beat him!
Frustrating isn’t it?
And have you ever think who is the reason of all that? We. Yes we, who started that gender discrimination when they never knew what’s the difference between frock and shirt-pant. We never allow them to think one as human, she is girl and he is boy, given by their looks. And if he doesn’t fit in those old-aged rules, he can’t live in society. Here and there everyone is talking about anti-depression zone and culture but have you wonder how your own child is feeling? Why a child can’t share every thing to his parents? Because you didn’t allow it. You never let them feel their freedom of being a human. Yes, it’s you. And by gender equality, not only a girl should be able to raise her voice but a boy should also be able to cry. When they can make a world where everybody will live according to their own principles that will be the world full of light.