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A lot of women are suffering from this problem, maternal health basically means the health and wellness of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and post natal periods. Women face many health-related issues during pregnancy because of not getting proper diet, feeling nausea all the time, low on energy and loss of appetite health issues affect the health of child and mother as well, due to this child is weak.
According to the report and stats, 50-98 percent of maternal deaths are caused by hemorrhage, ruptured uterus disorders, hepatitis, and also illegal ways of abortion. The bad truth is the still the MMR rate is not declining instead that are growing in India. We can reduce this by planning campaign programs making people aware of maternal health’s importance. Taking proper care and giving attention during childbirth and labor. Improve health care system quality of care, to taking proper research about the reproductive system and educating young females about the health and sex and also improving the transportation facilities. Educating rural women about the health check-ups after a certain period of time. Also, we need to improve the transportation facility in our country. Communication with pregnant women and with their families would be much effective it will help to remove the unnecessary anxiety and make a nice experience while the birth of a child. Doctors should make sure that no woman is subjected to violence while delivering the baby. Every woman and baby after birth should be provided a systematic report. Being healthy while having a baby is very much important and should be taken good care.