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Every women should aware about their rights and be self prepared will help women to get their rights and use them effectively. Awareness and education will make esay women to know their rights and laws which protected them. Education will give strength to women to fight for their rights. At many times women don’t report crime they feel shame because of not been aware of legal rights. Women should know all the rights provided by the Constitution. There are laws in india that women has power to fight against violence, abuse, Harassment, tortured, etc. By being aware of them is the first step towards fighting against any injustice. Problems still there in india, where women are still beaten, tortured, harassed, abuse because of dowry. The taboo of divorce in Indian society has resulted in women enduring the abuse instead of confronting it. Domestic violence includes not only physical violence but also emotional and sexual. Women are facing through domestic violence they had rights to file complaint against them and pay money. If they have child then custody should be given to her and compensation for injuries. Women should be aware about their rights then only they will able to fight with there problems.