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simran arora
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Toys are a mere object of interaction in the world covered with gender inequality or societal standards of which toy refers to whom. Like other objects in the world, toys are in no race. Since childhood, girls find refuge in playing with barbies, while boys find solace in playing outdoor games or video games. Only a few parents in the proportion are gender-neutral and make no bias decisions.

Gender stereotypes related to toys may force the children to perform gender-specific tasks as managed by the society. For example, a girl playing with barbie is an institutional role of her responsibility as a mother or a boy playing outdoor activities would make him a gallant man. However, if you parent your child with gender-neutral toys, then their future would be more compassionate. Some of the reasons for improved personal development are promoting experimental thinking and empowering children to find their identity beyond their gender.

Tougher than being said, the promotion of gender-neutrality is not an easier task. The idea of imposing gender on toys promotes the proposal of marketing and increases consumer productivity. However, parents should know that only they could urge a barrier between the idea of the product and the intention of the play. I remember that my parents never forced me to play with dolls. From outdoor activities to video games, I have cherished my childhood with no gender bias.

Therefore, it is an ideal activity if both boys and girls play with dolls. As mentioned above, if dolls urge the motherhood responsibility, the same can forward the idea of fatherhood. We cannot develop the critical thinking of a child until we know what s/he is thinking. Perhaps, one should be allowed to play with any toy and make decisions on their own.