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Yes, women are given less pay than men .women are also working their best and giving the same efforts as much as men still the more pay is given to men decision making authority is given to matter how much women can do it will be always considered less in front of blindfolded society. The government has also established the law for equal remuneration, also women have to struggle to get the promotion. Whereas men get easily promoted. This unfair treatment demotivates the women. When companies decide to cut off the employees women are the first soft target to remove because people think women are the extra earning source for the family. In a pandemic, there are so many women who have lost their job. Women have to manage both home and office both so women do a part-time job, there is also a penalty for motherhood, women when taking leave after some time when she rejoins, had worked at lower pay. Negotiation is also the reason women less like to negotiate for higher pay. In every field we can see discrimination Indian male cricket players are paid more than female players, also in the entertainment industry male actors are paid more than a female actress, leadership men’s are more likely to given the opportunity to become the managers they are good in strategizing as some bosses think so they result in a pay cut of the female managers. The company should give the fair chance to both. HR should be transparent about their policies, they ensure that everybody is getting the pay that they deserve free from biases.