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Maturity “ is the ability to respond to the environment being aware of the correct time and location to behave and knowing when to act, according to the circumstances and the culture of the society one lives in ”
maturity came along with the age and experience . There is a specific age and time period after which a person can be considered as mature . One feels a lot of change mentally and physically in the age of teenager .The only difference is that the change that is seen in the girls is visible and the change of the boys does not appear so easily. But both come and both grow up together. How can we say a girl measure faster than boys ?
The thing is that , the responsibility of household work is put on a girl from a young age. Girls have so many responsibilities, so much work is done, so they have to learn to handle all these things from a very young age .But there is not so much pressure on the boys, neither they do home work nor any other work is done to them, girls manage to do their household chores along with studies . This is why she becomes adept at doing many things at the same time . boys don’t have any responsibility, they live their life very happily, so it takes a lot of time of them to be mature . I believe that girls do not get mature faster but maturity is being forced to her . A girl is always asked don’t sit like , behave like this , you have to do this and this ,in this particular situation this decision should be taken , try to be mature but boys were not ask to do so . girls were asked to be mature you are now 14 after few you will get married but why don’t boys is been asked .
This is developing a wrong sense in society . So , being mature is Fully depend upon human activity , situation and experience .