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“Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights, once and for
-Hillary Clinton.
Knowledge is power, and knowing something can make you more educated about that things or in that area of topic. Women’s are fragile as well as rebellious, soft as well as hard, it all depends on the situation around them to act accordingly
It is very crucial for each woman and girl to know their rights and it all can start by creating awareness, making them know what are their rights and which rights are to practice when they want to. There are some legal rights for women in India like; Right to free legal aid, file a complaint at any time, right to a safe workplace, right to privacy, right to zero FIR, etc. There are acts also, Maternity benefit act (2017), Dowry prohibition act (1961), Protection of women from domestic violence (2005), Child marriage act prohibition (2006).
So, if we look at laws and rights for women, there are many, it’s about being aware of them and education regarding that rights. It can start when a young age too, like it, should be included in studies so that not only girls but also boys also know from the early age itself. It can be made aware through demonstrations or seminars or workshops. As many ways should be taken into consideration to make women aware of their rights.