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anshika agarwal
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It is a common and most spoken statement that we have listened “Girls mature faster than boys”. But it’s only society’s mindful thoughts. But in reality nothing like that happens. Their brains are equally matured.
Girls puberty age can be seen before boy’s maturity but that doesn’t mean she is more matured. It’s society that tell small girls that they mature faster than boys. They indirectly want to teach girls that they are bigger person, so they are made to ignore things and forget and forgive everybody. They have to pardon boys at any cost. We have seen many incidents in the society that people expect that at the age of 13-14 girls would be helping out their mother in the kitchen. And at the same age boy’s don’t even keep their plates to the kitchen after having their food. Why is it so? Why there are differences? Boys also should be taught to cook food for themselves. And the one stigma that runs in the country is if a boy does any household chores then he is told that your wife would be the luckiest girl to have a man like you. Seriously?
By teaching children that girls mature faster than boys we are failing as a society as a country to encourage and provide the values of sensitivity and emotional maturity in boys. Due to this toxic masculinity occurs.The most common statement listened by everyone “Boys don’t cry”. Why? They also have emotions they also have right to express themselves. Please don’t take that right from them.
When girls are told they are mature now it sounds good and they it as a compliment to them but after marriage when they are told that her mother hasn’t tild her anything. She doesn’t know anything. She is immature. This brokes her. In today’s scenario we should change this statement and let boys and girls live peacefully in their life. Don’t put your stereotypes on them.