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Whenever it comes to a girl’s safety, it is the sole responsibility of a girl to protect herself, because people around you will help out but not all the time’s someone would be there for you and so it is very compulsory or can say it’s a NEED OF AN HOUR for every girl to learn self-defense and to learn techniques which would help them.
Women have always been subjected to domination, suppression, and exploitation however, it is the sheer determination and courage of our Indian women who have been struggling and fighting against the dictatorship and the exploitations. The crimes and violence against women are increasing, there’s no single day safe for women, there’s every day a case of rape or cases of violence, domestic abuse or eve-teasing, women trafficking, etc.
And so, by looking at the present scenario, it is very much needed that each girl should be made to opt for self-defense courses, in fact, schools and colleges should also make compulsory those courses. When young girls are being harassed by anyone, or maybe while traveling from school to home and vice versa, they have no one to help them and it’s shameful and upsetting that people are least bothered, So these are the reason for the compulsion of self-defense.
Self-defence education must be included in the curriculum for the girls in the education system until unless it becomes mandatory no one will consider it seriously and would be ignorant of its benefits. Females are not weak gender, they can learn new things for themselves whether it’s about physical training or any course and each girl should know self-defense, as the present scenario and situations demand them to become stronger and take responsibility for their own.