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The first and foremost important thing is to get an education and then only they will understand their rights because there are so many girls who don’t know about their rights they don’t even understand. Talking about women who are living in the village they don’t understand this they are uneducated about it. I think the government should organize awareness drives and seminars for women also we should keep the separate subjects in schools and colleges about law and rights this will help a lot. Working didn’t even know police cannot arrest them in the night unless and until they are involved in something wrong activity. Basic rights that every woman should be aware of is 1.equal remuneration act 1976, working women has the right to get equal pay, promotion job training, etc.2 protection of women from domestic violence act 2005 this act is meant to protect women from physical, verbal, sexual and economic abuse. 3. Sexual harassment at workplace act 2013 is meant to protect women from sexual harassment it doesn’t matter if it is public or private. Women can also join the organization which helps to protect them. We can make commercials related to this, also make posts related to this on social media platforms we can share .raise the discussion about this when we meet people sharing knowledge personally helps a lot. We can also keep a special section in the newspaper about this also we can keep guest special guest lectures in colleges and companies, it will help to target many women at a time. Awareness about this somewhere will help to control the violence and wrong behavior of society. Having knowledge about this is not only enough but also making use of it is equally important. Raising voice being fearless fighting for justice, by doing this it will empower many other women also.