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Gayatri Somvanshi
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We all know that women have to always face difficulties in their day to day lives, be it personal or professional. When we talk about professional lives we unconsciously know how women face sexism , criticism , less pay and sexual harassment in the workplace.
We all have learned about many cases of how women have practically attempted suicide just because of this thing and leave their jobs due to fear of this tragedy. Though there are laws for it but still sometimes women fear , social stigma makes her afraid and even if it’s reported the criminal uses connection to get out of it.
Many women suffer from body shaming ,groping, inappropriate touching , flirting and sending porns and countless other things in the workplace. Sometimes we all see this happening and choose to shut up and ignore but we need to understand that not always ignorance is going to be bliss.We need to really report this and take action for the sake of our safety .
Here are some laws which can help us:
Sexual harassment of women at workplace- This law claims for employer to protect right of female employees and develop intolerance.
POSH – The fullform of this term is prevention of sexual harassment at work.
Sexual harassment policy- So every office small scale or large scale has this policies anf you can report them even if you are feeling yhat someone is staring at you .
ICC – Internal complaints committee for women safety- women can complain within 90 days of an incident and also if she is not comfortable ,her friend or family can complain with her written consent.

Apart from this, companies should also take care of things like women working overtime for only 2 hours. No working on off days allowed and cabs should come prior an hour of leaving time. HR department should protect on women’s right and we should encourage women to report and express .