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Women empowerment is still a dream . The simple meaning of Women Empowerment – an environment where women can keep their word without any hesitation , where she is free to take her own decisions , she don’t need permission to anything . All these things have to be said, nothing like this is happening in real life . Women’s empowerment has not been able to be possible in India till date because in a country like India people do not think that a woman can rise up, a woman can be more successful than me, and if a woman becomes more successful than a man, then her character gets accused in many ways like – to achieve this height, there must be some wrong way in it. People believe a woman has no right to see anything or to speak, she is told that only listen and do the same thing.
They consider a woman as a part of the society, but they do not consider the most important part, the woman has never got the status that should be met . For the protection of the rights of women , many rules have been formed , but are those rules or laws being followed in the same way or not ? A man likes to control not be controlled . Which simply means that a man likes to control others very much, but if someone starts controlling them, then they do not tolerate it and become restless . And if a woman who controls, then it goes directly over them and will hurt their ego .
A woman is tortured a lot weather be it her home , her work place or by the society .It is the common right of every human being to live in his own way for his own happiness. But why does this not happen in the case of women, why are they trying to control their lives and not let her live their lives accordingly? It is not easy to cross the stairs of success, and if she archive that success , People try their best that a woman can never achieve success and never reach her destination , go do this, they crosses all limits .
A woman can be empowered only when she get a chance to keep her thoughts without any hesitation , she should live her life according to her wishes, there should not be any distant behaviour with her .And talking about Women Empowerment and debating and discussing this , will do nothing, we have to take the hardest step and as soon as possible.