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Basic quality of a leader is to be confident , understanding , intelligent, smart and who can coordinate and manage everything effectively and efficiently . there are many example of women leaders like :- Anuradha Acharya (CEO) , Shyamala Gopinath (governor in reserve Bank of India) , Chitra Ramkrishna ( Managing director in National stock exchange of India) These women has proven that women can do anything in any field . But in comparison of men there are very few women leaders , and very huge gap between the number of men leader and women leader. And this is only because women cannot get that much of opportunity do not have that much knowledge and support . It does not mean that we should give up , There are ways through which a right path can be shown to a woman to become a capable leader .
The first thing – should pay attention to the quality education .Boys get more good education facility in the comparison of women . Girls are put in nearby college schools and institutions due to which their skills are not developed well. So first of all the main focus should be on the education of girls, whether they are getting the right kind of education or not.
Another thing which need to be focused is as everyone know a woman is multi-tasking . A woman can handle domestic and outdoor work at the same time but when it comes to a large scale, a woman has to think a lot because a small mistake can raise a lot of questions. Therefore, she should also have knowledge of management, yes, she is multi-tasking , But she should know how she can use this quality in the right place .
The third way is that many women are not aware of their rights, due to which she is unable to move forward. All a woman’s should know about their rights, they should know what her general rights are, how with their help she can move forward and what can she do for the betterment of society by being a good leader.
So these are the few step that should be taken for making a woman a good leader . Because a woman has all the quality to be a leader she just need to enhance them and should know the better way of utilisation of her skills , knowledge and talent .