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“Education is the key to evolve” is what i believe in, when it comes to women empowerment education has played a vital role in upgrading people’s mindset over women.
Similarly, in order to make women aware of their rights, educating them about their rights is one important and useful mean. Women today are still discriminated in many ways, although as compared to the earlier times, women have evolved through the frightening situations they faced, but they still lag behind when it comes to equality. Many women until today believes that serving their husbands and families is their utmost priority no matter what they face while doing so, they’re wrong! They need to be uplifted from the superstitious duties they have been following since ages, only way to help them is by making laws for their well-being and getting them educated about those, through which they would be able to know that the government stands by their side when they’ll be in any kind of trouble. They need to rest aside from the fear of “what society would say” and start taking a stand for them. This is thus only possible when women get educated about their laws and rights.