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anshika agarwal
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How safe are women at their workplace in current time?

After a lot of struggle and fights women are still not safe at their workplace. Women’s safety and its issues are heard all over the country. Every year the number of reports on sexual harassment at workplace is found to be increasing.
From last 10-20 years women have secured a higher standard at their workplace. They are now choosen for higher authorities and have a big portion in the society.Women now are becoming more independent. They are competent and strong enough to take care of everything. They are becoming more able to have and make their own choices and live according to their needs.
Still everyday women are mistreated and illbehavioured at the workplace by their co-workers in the name of promotion of women. She wants promotion but through her hardwork not at the cost of being sexually harassed. When we see statistics on sexual harassment at the workplace we get shocked. According to a survey 81% of women have faced sexual harassment and abuse in their lives. It can results into anxiety, depression,physical and mental health degradation of women. It’s disturbing and disappointing that women at work still face sexual abuse due to which many women decide to leave the job.There are several women who are facing the same or even bad situations.
There must be some rules and regulations which should be followed by men in the organization. This will reduce the sexual abuse towards women and they can feel more safe at their workplace and also not have any fear of losing their job.