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anshika agarwal
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The issue of women’s safety in India is constantly on top in media. Many women tells to have concerns about traveling there and many more have decided not to do it at all.
India can be a safe destination for you because when wrong time comes anything can happen to you at any place and that could also happen in your hometown or in a safe destination. By taking some precautions women can travel to india. These can also be considered as rules to travel india. Don’t drunk anywhere with anyone because that couldn’t be safe for a woman in India. Women should have police helpline numbers if any emergency occurs. They should avoid travelling late at night. While travelling to anywhere if they feel something irrelevant or some bad gut feelings then women should avoid going to that place. They should always try to travel in group. They should be extra aware of scams. They should try to wear full and loose clothes so that nobody passes any irrelevant comment on them. They should have done some research before going to any place. They should be more bold and morw confident.With the bit of some preparation India can also be a safer travel like other countries.
India has also ranked as words most dangerous place for women. So it is not fully safe. Here newspapers and medias are flooded with rape cases. So travel accordingly at your own risk.