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anshika agarwal
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Toys should be gender neutral
Yes! Toys should be gender neutral. Because toys DON’T have GENDER. According to me children should not be given gender-neutral toys. It depends on parents that with what kind of toy they want to raise their child. For example, if a parent buys a doll for their son and he likes that then it’s his choice. For a small baby it’s not about the gender of the toy but it’s all about to play. They can play with whatever they want. Some brands like kinder joy advertise two types of kinder joys one for girls and another one for boys. In girls they provide dolls and girls and in boys they provide supermans. These brands are promoting stereotypes.
More than 80% people believe that boy’s favourite color is blue while girls prefer pink. Due to gender stereotypes being formed at a very young age girl’s prefer pink and boy’s prefer blue. All toys with pink color are made for girls and all toys with blue color are made for boys.Things need to change and update and by giving gender-neutral toys to babies aged below three is a very good step towards gender neutral. If a baby girl likes a car toy then parents should let her but that without discriminating. Education is the key to have gender neutrality. Parents should teach their children about discrimination and why it is bad. This is the best way to overcome these issues in the society.
By giving gender-neutral toys to babies would create hindrance to their personal growth and development and it won’t have gender neutrality in the society.