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From the day when the practice of marriage began, there is no equal rights in marriages. The one adjusting to the situation and taking burden on head is the girl. She is forced to leave her parents, she is given all the house chores and she takes up the duty to look after the children leaving all her passion and profession back. She is being demanding with her skin colour, body shape, dressing and dowry. She is expected to follow all these to be a responsible wife, daughter-in-law and mother respectively. But with no efforts, only by working on his usual routine the role of a man is praised as responsible gentleman. Where do we see equality here? But also the development of this society paves way for these women to succeed on both their passion-profession life and the home-maker life. I am also happy that quarter of the women number select this way. But some women lag behind hanging with the permission of her family and society. Technically speaking equality is to be taken and not to expected, but some women do not realize this.