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Domestic violence is another heinous truth of our tormented society. Here, in India, we worship our mother ,daughters and wives as goddess of wealth and goodwill, someone who brings all good in a house. But it’s one of the most shocking truth that according to National family and health survey in 2005,total lifetime prevalence of domestic violence in India is 33.5% and that means more than one-third of our women are going through this trauma.
Ut can be in form of physical, mental abuse, sexual assault, honor killings, dowry related abuse and so on.
Thanks to our government, that more and more effective steps are already taken. From dowry prohibition act of 1961 to domestic violence act of 2005,they have fought these crimes.
Public information campaigns are organised through which government has urged the affected to get help and advice. Central government and municipality are already working working together to restrain it. From 1st January,2015 Municipalities are taking responsibilities for women who are suffering and already suffered from it. They are serving for their physical and mental health too.
Though strict measures have already taken, it’s
seemed to be not enough. We can see that poor villages are lacking resources. Women are too afraid to raise voice for themselves. If some get the courage to continue, they were send to that same den again which is becoming serious Life-threatening issue. As our society, full of gentlemen, is also accustomed to honor killings.
That’s why women , in serious condition, need to be able to go to a safe place.
Doctors, nurse and other professional sometimes can acknowledge these ill treatment, they should take action according to protocol.
After all, women must save themselves. They should encourage each other for raising voice.we have to constraint these crimes , otherwise women empowerment will be fur than dream.