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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Women are born with the saying that ‘ladkiyoon ko kya karna hai bas ghar he to sambhalna hai ‘.We will unable to find that one girl who hasn’t heard this sentence ever in their life. A girl is taught from the childhood that they need to be at home because they can’t function outside. Also, they are being treated as the most inferior humans in the house that they become very weak to handle the life crisis. The people should understand that they are just destroying the mind of the small girl. That they shouldn’t be as powerful and as strong as any other human to handle the situations and the problems that arise in life. It is the biggest reason why in India a woman is expected to be homely because it starts from their own family from their own houses and from their own people they are surrounded by from their childhood. It is the mentality that makes them to think that they need to be a homely girl to get married at certain age with a well settled man and that is the only way of life they are being taught at their homes. Otherwise, you have no career you have nothing as yours like self-respect, income or anything about yourself it is only about the surrounding people that lives with you and the expectations around her makes her to be a homely girl, and they think that it is the only way that I can live my life and escape from all the judgments,taunts,comments they have been hearing from the childhood. Indian people think that one incident is just the end of the life just like if one person dies in any family and the woman related to with that person is being regarded as almost dead or destroyed and that she has no other way around to do anything in her life because it is the end for her. They get mistaken about marriages that its for companionship and not for the slavery of a man. Women are not born to be homely they’re born to do much more in life and to make the nation and the family proud each and everyday with their commendable, effortless and multitasking skills.