Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Sexism & Patriarchy Is it right to judge women because of their dress size? Reply To: Is it right to judge women because of their dress size?

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You should never judge a person character by their clothes. In fact you should never judge a person character until and unless you know them. It only tells about how your personality is. It is a shallow mind that judges others by the way they dress.
It depends on the mentality of the viewer. At one side when a girl wears traditional clothes with full body covering, she is thought as ‘sanskari’ , while when a girl wears modern dresses like mini skirts, shorts, crop top etc. she is said to have forgotten the culture at some places. But this is not the truth. At least anyone should not have a problem with women’s dress. This is ridiculous. If a man wears a transparent dress, he is rarely noticed. But if this happens with a woman, others stare at her like what a crime has she done. Comments are passed on her. They literally scan her. It is the mentality of people. Women’s are judged and are looked in such a way only, in our society. Because of this women feel uncomfortable only due to society judgment. The clothes you wear are how your express yourself. The same can go for your makeup. Dressing up taking time to make yourself look the way you want only for yourself because it gives confidence for every women. They don’t dress up for society to get judged by them. Dressing up can make you feel like your very best, but just because you enjoy feeling your best, that doesn’t mean you aren’t happy with the way that you are. Perhaps you are happy with the way you look and want the world to see this happy, confident you and do this by dressing up and pampering yourself. The character of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, or the figure that she carries.