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From the ancient through mediaval to modern age, places, governing body, society status and everything has changed so far without one thing, women exploitation. Though we can see early vedic and vedic age holds women as higher status, but it was from the later vedic age and until now, state of women is decreasing gradually.
From the ancient society, women are used as goods to please king or aristocrats or as an exchanging good to protect kingdom. Yes, today there’s no king, but don’t we use our women just as same, to maybe serve some powerful. Women trafficking is a harsh example of it.
Whatever it’s 17 th century or 20 th, women are always kept hidden in between walls, vastly named ‘Andarmahal’. Women should not rule over country, she should not raise voice against men, to serve her family, husband has to be the only aim of women life. And who tried to break those boundaries, are exploited, banished and at some place even got killed in name of being ‘witch’. Yes, we have a piles of law against those torments today, but did we allow our women to do everything freely? Don’t we renamed her as a ‘whore’ whoever chose themselves in front of family? ‘Witch’ or ‘ Whore’, words are changed surely, but that society? Is it changed?
Yes, maybe nowadays, women can go outside but does she felt safe?
Women were burnt alive during ‘Sati pratha’ in front of society then and now too, though it now happens inside but nobody raise a single voice about it.
There’s not even average woman according to men in our parliament, sports, business, jobs, nowhere.
A boy child is the only thing everyone was expecting then and still women foeticide is a real crime.
Unwilling sex, unwanted pregnancies, staying behind curtain, raise kids that’s what was happening in that era and still happening now.
Among all these years, if there’s anything changed, then it’s the circumstances and awareness not results. Nobody still doesn’t care about women’s choice, rights, feelings, burnings. And I’m not here to make excuses that yes, women empowerment happens. Sorry to say, but there’s still a long journey to go on.