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Motherhood is a choice. But women is still know by here family status that she has children or not. We live in a society where having a kid is still considered the most logical and predictable step after a couple get married. Motherhood comes with lot of sacrifice for baby but it’s here choice to sacrifice for there baby. Giving up job stop going out with friends for lunch or shopping. Just for taking care of baby. It is difficult to spend own time during motherhood. Because all the time they spend with there baby. Giving birth to a child becomes big responsibility for mother. Motherhood should be choice for women with happily, willingly to be there should no pressure of family. If more people support of women choice then there will be happy moms, babies and society. There should equally balanced with both men and women choices. Women go through many problems during pregnancy beacuse of which it is not esay to take decision therefore women choice should be respect whether they want to be mother at a particular period or not. From the old times people think that taking care of child is only responsibility of mother but this is wrong both parents should taking care of their child equally. Women should also get support of their family so she can give time for herself. There are some people still there in society. If women want to follow her dream first then family don’t support her to do it. Rather than forcing her they could have support here to follow her goals. By doing that she only making better future for here baby by becoming independent that will help here child to do higher studies. Lastly motherhood comes with lot of happiness, emotions and mood swings. Women should make a decision and prepare hereself for all responsibility before getting mother.