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Yes , motherhood should be a choice .Everyone in India believes that if she gets married, she should have a child in 1 year or else the girl’s character is being questioned .A woman is not even asked if she is ready to have a child or not . People think that becoming a mother is everything. A woman has become a mother, then there is nothing else better than it in her life , but have you ever asked that woman that the joy of being a mother is enough for her or she want something else ?
Women do not have the right to live their dreams , they are expected to live according to others, they are told that till this time you have to finish your studies, and after that you get married. After marriage, her mother-in-law expects her to have a child ,then to take care of the child, once a child grows up in life, get him married and then take care of her .All of this makes a woman’s life a waste, she has to sacrifice her dreams for others, she has to sacrifice her desires . She is expected to give more importance to the happiness of others except her happiness .It is easy to become a mother but it is very difficult to fulfil the responsibility that comes along with it. A woman should have her own desire, then she should ask her to become a mother if she does not want to become a mother , she will not be happy, she will not be able to nourish the children with the love that is necessary for them.
Now , if a woman give preference to her dreams and her desires and decide not to become a mother yet, then the woman was blamed , fingers are raised on her. And it is said- “ that there is definitely a deficiency inside you, due to which you are making these excuses and you are not able to become a mother”
It is the right of a woman whether to become a mother or not .None of us have the right to tell the woman that you have to become mother, it is her wish . Because that woman will take that child in her womb for 9 months and take care of it and nurture it. The joy of becoming a mother is different, but only if the when the woman have her approval in it, then the greatest happiness also becomes the biggest sorrow. The joy of becoming a mother is very good, but only as long as that Women has approval in it. If a woman does not want to become a mother at that time, then we should not force her because then the greatest happiness of life can also becomes the biggest sorrow .