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Manpreet Singh
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When the whole patriarchal society of India is filled with the sexist mindset then how can we think that sexism does not exist among teenagers? It a cause of concern that young people are not improving their situation regarding sexism as compared to other issues. This is a cause of concern because youth is the harbinger of change and they have the power to remove weed from society. The study has shown that teenagers hold the same old views regarding the gender roles of society and that girls are only meant for the pred defined roles of society.
Other than primal roles, there are emotional issues also that need to be corrected. It is generally said that boys can not cry like girls and they cannot show their emotions. This thinking has caused mental distress among many teens and has also driven them towards suicide. The sexist behavior has equally wrecked havoc on the mental health of girls equally.
Other than that, the girls are at the receiving end of the whole sexism thing. All kinds of restrictions are put on them, thereby restricting their freedom and liberty to chose the path of life which they wish to pursue. Their wings are clipped at a very young age. A lot of bright talent is wasted in such a manner.
The solution lies in the dismantling of the whole patriarchal setup which is the root cause behind sexism. When our constitution has provided equal rights and opportunities for everyone, then why we are still holding the same old archaic view in modern times? Along with that, we must promote such a curriculum in the education that promotes gender sensitization among young people. They hold the key to change and they must be prepared accordingly.