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Manpreet Singh
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Indian cinema is almost a century-year-old century-old but the overall role and but overall role and presentation of women in Indian cinema has not improved much. Except for certain movies The Women in Indian cinema are confined to just token roles only to add to the glamorous part of the movies in order to attract the young audience. the kind of treatment that women receive in Indian cinema has played a major role in normalizing many problematic social behaviors which are now considered as normal. this includes harassment stalking and Eve teasing.
Now, this is not surprising considering the fact that only one director is a woman. The misogynist and sexist theme is a common feature of Indian movies. movies like Kabir Singh received phenomenal success and it is a very disturbing thing. we cannot completely blame the movie directors for this situation because they are ultimately catering to the patriarchal mindsets of society. our audience demands such material so most of the directors are supposed to produce such movies.
sowing conclusion the whole problem lies with the patriarchal setup of the society. they think that women have only limited roles in society and they must be confined to that. this old thinking needs to be attached and changed with the light of education. Making strict laws and rules would not be solving the root cause of the problem. the problem lies with our thinking and it needs to be addressed quickly. The Indian audience as also a duty to get mature and demand some quality content from the Bollywood directors so that they are forced to rethink their plan in movies.