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Yes, Motherhood is a choice and not an obligation. When asked about what makes an ideal woman, few of the answers include “good wife” or “good mother” Doesn’t a woman have more defining qualities which makes her who she is? Who are we to decide what she should and shouldn’t be?
People have such double standards for men and women. This debate won’t even start for men. Aren’t they parents too? Why is the pressure of being a parent only on the woman?
After getting married, the newly married woman often gets asked questions such as; “When are you going to have a child?” “Have you decided how many kids you want?” Although they are dismissed as nosy relatives, these are such invasive questions. How do you know the woman can bear children? How do you know she wants a child? Why do you want to know about this?
Women are often questioned and asked if they are even women. Saying that women have to be mothers. Obviously, that is not the case. Women deserve to choose whether they want to have a child or not.
People need to understand that taking care of a child is not easy. People need to have the ability to take care of children, financially, mentally and physically. I wonder just how many women would have had children if they had the choice of not having kids.
We need to understand that each woman thinks and acts differently. It does not mean that they’re abnormal. No one is wrong for having or not having kids. What is wrong is judging people for the decisions they make.