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Shubhangini Shaktawat
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Gender Equality or Gender Justice?
Equality and justice are two terms that hold different meanings, although the word ‘justice’ overlaps the word ‘equality’ somehow. When we talk about these two terms in relation with ‘gender’, we get to know how important and vital these really are. Whether we realize it or not, truth be it, that Gender Justice is rendered as what people believe to be justice. In eyes of the society, justice for men and women is different. This is why justice to men is rendered at a different level as compared to women.
Until, we do not realize what equality in terms of gender represents, we will not understand the true and literal meaning and importance of gender justice. And anyway, how can justice even be interpreted on the basis of gender? Having different connotations varying from person to person is natural, but having different connotations of justice distinguished by gender, is rather personal. No matter how developed or advanced we have become in the current times, we do not have a developed mindset or an advanced thought process when it comes to gender differences and women. Our society is so called ‘liberal’, although we are not.
So, coming back to the point, we should consider ‘Gender Equality’ rather than ‘Gender Justice.’ Thinking of the current status of women in the society, we know our hard work in the women empowerment sector brings negligible change in the world for women. Till the time we do not see women at a level equal to that of men, we will not be able to render justice to women as in the Constitution. Why must we not see a female candidate as deserving and fitting as a male candidate for a political seat? Maybe a larger number of female leaders, defence service officers, social workers, and also supporting male colleagues can make a difference. This is the need of the hour. This is what our society needs in order to be a better place. The day we achieve ‘Gender Equality,’ we’ll all know what we worked hard for, was worth it. So let’s march towards it and prepare the society for the coming generations full of female stars and women excelling in each field, that make us a proud nation, society and world.

A woman myself,
Shubhangini Shaktawat