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Apoorva Pathak
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Rights are the world to women. From our past, we have seen women fighting for their rights and have succeeded in some. This fight for freedom and liberty started from the beginning. If we see will find many famous authors such as Jane Austin, George Elliot, Charlotte Lennox, and many more who tried to persuade women through their novels of freedom and equality of women.
Indian constitution has many such rights since the very beginning such as equality before the law. Prohibiting discrimination, making special provisions for women’s society Upliftment, etc. but are these rights well aware to all women out in the world? Are they able to avail these opportunities and bring out their personality? These questions still not clear.
First and foremost, question is to educate and they should be well aware of their rights and how they can advance them. Albeit the government of India has launched many schemes such as beti padho beti baacho but are these schemes work well.
To make women aware of their rights one should make posters, advertisements on Television radios, etc., make committees within the villages in which people go place to place take surveys and make strategies according to it, NGOs, legal facilities. We also find that the recent government of Indian has launched one-stop centers (OSCs) in which women will be employed according to their abilities.
There are many International conventions conducted every year in which they promote women’s safety and their rights. In India also the rights for women came after the British government took reforms seriously in the religious sector such as abolishing Sati, child marriage, and widow remarriage. These initiatives are taken forwards by Indian thinkers such as Ishwar Chandra Vidhya Sagar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, and many more their books, novels, and newspaper were published and through which women get to know their rights and their role in society.
Reforms in society are Important so that weaker sections like women may get the opportunity to make the society more liveable.