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Parents play a vital role in the development of the child. Working Women pay equal attention to the child as women staying at home, some women go for work to the secure future of the child, and some because they love serving the society but that doesn’t define they are hampering the child growth, a mother has always been their whenever child requires, it’s just society thinking that working women pay less attention to their child growth, obviously, the child always want to their mother to be with them eventually child adjust and understand. It’s not important how much time you spend with your time it’s how quality time you spend with children and how you shape their habits and manners. A working mother should never feel guilty for going to work you are not doing anything wrong there is a reason .it’s not the sole responsibility of women to look after the child but also the duty of the men but society always point out women this mindset should both are equally responsible. One positive benefit is that child learns to become independent and confident when both parents are working. Both parents are working they give the child a quality lifestyle and education and also spend on extracurricular activities. Women go to work child gets more time to spend with their grandparents and follow their hobbies. Women also know how to manage the work-life and personal life. One important thing parents should not fight in front of a child it can affect a child’s mental health. Women should make sure that her stress is not releasing on the child. Working women can call their child on lunch breaks or can plan a day out and weekends with a child, this helps make their bond much healthier, working women also need to be open with their managers about their child so they can cooperate.