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Motherhood has no one definition and doesn’t stick to a single meaning in fact there are many words, sentences that defines a mother and motherhood. It is about the state of being a mother, giving birth to a child till making the child capable to face the world. Motherhood is a combination of experiences, emotions, hopes, dreams of their children.
But to become a mother or not is wholly her choice, no one can force her nor make her do what they want. Many responsibilities arise when she decides to take up any decision may it be choosing her career or marriage or planning for a baby. And if a woman is once married then pressures are on her and people make talks and ask her to plan about becoming parents. Being a mother can be extremely rewarding in many ways, but it can have unintended consequences for moms who want to pursue a career while raising a family. This can impact their ability to build wealth and create a secure financial future. According to a report from Third Way, a national think tank, the typical mother sees her earning power drop by 4% for each child she has. Interestingly, the opposite is true for men. Upon becoming a father, men see their income rise by 6%.
Women have the whole choice to take up anything she wants whenever she is ready. Society should accept the fact and respect her decision which she chooses because she knows her ability to manage everything efficiently. So, motherhood is a choice and not a compulsory thing to do.
As a woman, her duties never retire, “She works for her husband, She works for her children, She also has to look ahead for grandchildren, Everyone retires but She never…”