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Yes, motherhood is definitely a choice and it’s a very subjective decision that every woman should take if she is ready for the baby or not. Giving birth to new life is a big responsibility, in women’s lives, it’s a big transition. Our society shamelessly like that they just ask women how many years to your marriage, why you are not pregnant are you facing any complications. We should not put pressure on women being pregnant it happens with a lot of women who get pregnant by force of inlaws during pregnancy they receive a lot of care and affection for nine months after pregnancy nobody asks she has to handle it all on her own, financial stability before giving the birth to a baby is also very important because in future you will have to face many complications related to money. What if some women can’t be a mother, some women are not ready for being pregnant, some would not want to be mothers again. Family and society should respect the choice of women instead of judging them. It’s a very wrong myth that women can’t be pregnant after a certain age now women can be pregnant at 30, 40 also there are different scientific methods for pregnancy. Motherhood also somewhere affects the career of the women they have to take a break from the job and after pregnancy, it’s become difficult to catch up on everything. Our society thinks that taking care of a child is the only responsibility of the mother but it’s not a true child is the responsibility of both the parent, now things are changing in some houses partners are equally taking care of the child. Some couples don’t want to be pregnant they don’t want to take the stress of kids homework’s, their schools, they want to travel explore new places and some people don’t have time to look after the child that’s perfectly fine.