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Yash Tiwari
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Men and women of my generation have had to choose between having a home and family or pursuing their ambitions. That choice was not universal for women in the past. Their options were more limited. Today, there is virtually no difference between a man and a woman as far as education, jobs or opportunities are concerned. There are still many constraints – social, economic, political – that demand change but every year these to are being chipped away at. The need for a child to after marriage is what adds to the difficulty of making choices for the new generation. One just moves ahead without thinking of its consequences. Marriage is a very complicated term that brings a lot of traditions, family values, and culture attached to it.

There are so many things in life that demand us to walk the path society has given us but I am not sure if those things are truly our wishes. Society’s stereotype of raising children and valuing family is not something that people think about how is affecting their lives and decisions every day. It is only when they want to be parents, that they realize motherhood or fatherhood as a choice. I was talking to one of my friends and she was telling me how much her life changed once she became a mother. If they have chosen the right partner and have the right support from family, then it isn’t that bad. It is, however, really bad when the couple doesn’t have the right support, especially on the emotional aspects of life.

The pains of being a mother are part of the fabric of life. Mothers carry the burdens of society, but they also have great joys and rewards. Along with all these comes the realization that mothers are indeed on their team—no matter what anyone else tells them. The real issue is how women can pursue their ambitions in a world that’s not always fair to them, and that can be tough when those ambitions entail having children. It’s time to look beyond the headline writers to the choices women are making about work, family, and career.

Everyone knows that motherhood is a woman’s most important responsibility in society, but most women choose to ignore this fact. Many don’t even want to give birth to children. This attitude is only increasing with time and it is therefore important now more than ever to promote the idea of motherhood as a choice for every woman.