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Prachi Pandey
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Gender equality or gender justice:
This is the thing that every child face or feel from birth and from this some people things that they are superior from other. But there is not much mistake of people who think that they are best then other even in Tha same family and this is called gender inequality. Everybody talks about gender equality and everyone show that they are in a modern era and does not believe in these type of inequality but everyone does this in their life.Example:in their home(daughter and son), in other places(rich and poor). And we all are living in that society in which gender discrimination and gender unequality is a common thing. And we can’t say that this is for only girls,gender unequality is also applied on boys. In some places girls are taught from there birth not to shout,be in your limits and these limits are set by society even not by her or her parents and parents also believe in that society became happy with their girls because their girls didn’t know how to raise their voice against anything and their body are fully clothed and these are the so called limits of our society. And boys also taught from birth not to cry,put your emotions on your heart,not to tell anybody what is going on inside etc. If anyone of them came across from their limits they are bad in front of society , sometimes there parents don’t understand them. Why this is happened? And then all will talk about gender justice or equality. Isn’t this is a joke?
For gender justice and gender equality firstly remove these type of hazardous materials from your body because no one gave you right to talk about the people,no one gave you right to put pressure of your opinions to anyone,no one gave you right to set limits for anybody. Everyone knows their limits, everyone knows how to behave in front of anyone, everyone knows how to dress up, everyone knows about everything so anyone from this type of society can’t talk about anybody if you can’t support them then you have no right to be responsible for falling of their confidence.