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Vivek Adatia
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People whose faith lies with gender justice make an attempt to argue that notion of gender equality is faulty as it overlooks the apparent differences between men and women, both socially and physically, and tries to deem women as equal to men. But the very important thing that is misunderstood here is that the justifications given for the notion of gender equality being faulty are in turn faulty in themselves. Gender equality never advocates that women are not the same as men; it rather says that as human beings, both men and women stand on equal pedestals. Women may not be as strong physically as men are, but they surely deserve to share equally ‘strong’ positions, be it in a certain professional arena or in the society itself.
Gender justice is defined as proper distribution of resources, opportunities and responsibilities among people of all genders. But it fails to elevate the status of women in the society to its rightful position. This is because, this notion of gender justice inadvertently cages women into certain predefined domains and neglects or overlooks the fact that women too are humans ultimately and every human being deserves to be given his/her due worth according to the individual capabilities, skills and resources, irrespective of being a male or a female or of any other gender for that matter.
Thus, it can be said that gender equality is not to be misunderstood as the notion that men and women are essentially same, but it advocates the notion of equal rights, equal opportunities, same level of respect and most importantly the right to lead a life of dignity on their own accord. Hence, gender equality is a very crucial brick in the foundation of the societal structure, which if cracked or shattered, can result in the collapse of this structure however gradual that might be.