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anshika agarwal
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In today’s society where we live, there is a perfect age for everything a woman has to do and she has to follow that. They want a woman to finish her graduation at 22 and get married at 24 and have baby at 25.If she regrets to have kids at that age then she is called a selfish woman or given a pile of advices to have a baby as motherhood is the best thing woman can have in life.
Everyone just talks and believes that motherhood is wonderful. It is like being on the ninth cloud. Every woman loves to have that feeling. No one ever talks about not having a baby or the difficulties coming in it.Why? Because all these difficulties are considered to be normal by the society.Being a mother is a blessing and everyone faces the same situation. Society have never asked woman’s opinion on motherhood. It has become an after marriage ritual that a woman should become a mother and bring a new life to this world.Why didn’t anyone question it before? A woman who wants to focus on her career is taken away from that in being mother. Why men’s Are imposing these stereotypes on woman?
Motherhood is for whole life.Once she become mother she has to take up that responsibility for her whole life. In today’s era when couple’s are not well settled they are given one more responsibility and one extra expenditure. In our society most of the responsibilities of child care are on mother. Due to this woman’s career gets impacted. She falls so much behind a man of the same age and then this big responsibility to take care of the child is also on her.
Let it decide by the woman whether she wants baby now or not. She doesn’t need to give reasons to everyone. No one is against motherhood but women has problem with these stereotypes put by society on them. They want to decide it by themselves. If she wants to have a child some years later then that is completely fine. Let her fly without any pressure.