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In some bollywood movie women’s are portrayed like they should be beautiful, over dramatic or overreacting in advertising also they portrayed fair and black women comparison. The heroine is always expected to be innocent and confused. She is supposed to be beautiful and submissive. The other kind portrayed is the unbelievable. She must kick the servants and must be in love with money and power, until she meets a poor hardworking guy and you know the rest. Her personality takes a complete U-turn and she becomes submissive and complaint. Women are portrayed as such weak and meek people, I think its pathetic. What happens is girls pick this up at a very early age and try to act in a similar way. In movies like padman they shown how women suffer from menstrual problem. In pink movie also they portrayed women increasing cases. In dangal movie they portrayed women very strongly in that women mainly it shows equality.
Before in movies females only get side acting roles and very few of them get lead roles. In this recent times women related movies are releasing and then also back to back hit like dangal, neerja and many more. We can also see that in movies if women act do item song and they do it with trending actress then that particular movie gets hit. At old movies we can see that men slaps women that time nobody take stand or says about it. But in this generation movies shows about women successful stories. As we know at recent time women plays vital role to make india proud like chandrayaan-2 .
Women have mainly played decorative objects in hindi cinema for a long time. Or, even in films where they had important roles, they are more likely to be portrayed as victims or they to torture other women.