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In today’s generation every women should learn self defense. It also helps in physical fitness and it develops confidence in women’s. I totally agree that women deserve to be aware of the proper skills that they can use to defend themselves when danger attacks. Girls loves going out with her friends. There are times that they goes home at night, so it’s important to ensure that she knows how she can defend herself should something happens. Now-a-days women’s are not safe at night. If someone sees girl alone at night they do misbehave with the them. And we all know that rape cases are increasing mostly because of night time. Because of this every women should learn self-defense atleast basics. If women learn self-defense they can fight there own with such people who misbehave with them. Then they also will understand women are strong to fight there own problems. Government should arrange free institutions for the girls who can’t afford the fees for the class of self-defense. It is important to fight back in every situation. If you fight back, defend yourself then there will be great lesson for attackers. Society thinks that if women fight back it will be worse for yourself this is absolutely wrong. We should not be scared of thinking this it will be become worse for yourself thinking like this we will never fight for yourself. Women need to understand they are strong and by learning self-defense they can fight back in every situation. Self-defense teaches you discipline and it mainly helps in professionally life it keep us clam and gives us power to control the situations for ourselves. By learning self-defense it gives us confidence and power.