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Many people say that a working woman can’t raise their children nicely, to raise children women need to look out for them 24/7 until they grow up! This is a typical statement of most households when it comes to raising children. Women have to abandon their jobs in order to raise their children, is it fair? Raising children needs both the parents’ supervision, a child is a mirror of his/her parents, that doesn’t mean that only mother has to sacrifice upon her dreams in order to raise a good child, a mother can work and still raise a child. Infact, in a house of a working mother, the children learns the meaning of equality among men and women that everyone has the right to do whatever they want. A house where both the spouses work are considered to raise a better child, with less dependency upon others rather a child with a constant babysit routine. A mother is not the only one responsible for the child’s development. The government or any other job today provides maternity leaves to their female employees when they’re going to give birth, after that they do join the services back again leaving their children with their grandparents or in the crèche for a period of time till they’re capable of handling themselves. Although with a woman working, children are often tend to learn equality and independency amongst themselves which do make them better humans. So working mother doesn’t effect their child’s development.