anshika agarwal
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Gender shouldn’t be a factor for judging a person that he/she can be a great leader or not— a person’s leadership qualities should depend on their individual strengths and personality characteristics. However, in many cases, women aren’t encouraged to take on leadership roles. Women are also highly qualified and talented like men but still there are differences.
There are some ways through which women can become good leader- Women are soft hearted and they know the value of relationships. So, they can make a good atmosphere at the workplace for everyone. They should become a good listener first. They have to value everybody’s point of view whether it’s good or bad. They should listen each and everybody calmly and patiently. Women can take more bold decisions by having a positivity in their team can prove to be a great leader. Women should have something odd in themselves because to be a leader she must be confident with a good point of view. They had to fight to get to the top positions.Women can be more pragmatic than men. So, they can solve hard things in less time. They can solve the puzzle piece by piece. They can be good communicators. They can handle crisis situation well by working patiently. They should remove NO word from their dictionary and become multitasking. They can have a good ego control to solve the condition best by kepting their egos aside.
Women are a great leader. They just need guidance, self confidence and support. They can reach to every height. They can become good leaders. This society can also become women dominant society.