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anshika agarwal
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Absolutely yes! Domestic violence not only affect the children but it affects the whole family.
Domestic violence is the violence which is faced by woman through husband or his family members. Domestic violence is a crime but is still faced by many women. It creates a bad environment in society as well as house. Children see their mother being beaten by their father. Boy child learns how to control his wife like his father does. How to beat her if she does anything wrong. It gives him power of authority and as he had learnt this in his childhood by his father he will definitely going to do this in future. He will soon start not to talk respectively with his mother. It will create a huge impact on his life. Girl child will learn that she has to prepare herself for the future work that his husband is going to do with her that her father does to her. She wants to save her mother from Domestic violence but she can’t do it. Because if she will interrupt in between she will alsp be beaten. Raising a voice by a woman is always shut by the society.
Children learn speaking abusive words from their home which they listen when his father say it to his mother. They are mostly affected by this all drama.