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simran arora
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When children witness domestic violence in the home setting, it is likely for them to accept violence in any form when they grew up. Children aged between four to five years would react differently to teenagers who witness domestic violence. Some of them are likely to get more aggressive as they grow up, while some could keep things bottled up. It could be one pattern to witness an event. But there are a few children who try not to make the same mistake as their parents. However, post-traumatic stress disorder is a common syndrome in both sections.

Most parents do not understand is that the acceptance of domestic violence by either is likely to affect a child’s future. It could be possible that only a few children would not resist and fight back their situations. In most cases, it is also possible that a child may interpret that doing violence can get the job done. The growing years of a child are challenging when faced with domestic violence. When a child is four or five years of age, the child may develop the habit of wetting the bed or refuse to leave home in any circumstances. It is also likely that a child may become more obedient to the parent, afraid of being harmed.

The effects of domestic violence on children could be adverse. The emotional and psychological well-being of a child could make a heavy mess. The child’s self-esteem may reduce, and the attitude to victimization can cause hindrance in different aspects of life.

A child reacts differently to the other child, even when both are the victims of domestic violence. Some of the signs of effects of domestic violence could be aggression and bullying, refusal to socialize, anxiety and depression, suicidal thoughts, nightmares, attention-seeking behavior like tantrums, trouble in learning, eating disorders, drug addiction, and isolation.

The above signs are an embodiment of both physical and mental health abuse. Such issues must be addressed on time because one may not notice them, but violence pays a significant impact on the child. The child’s growth years could only decide if the outcome was good or bad. The parents should know that their union is for the child’s responsibility. It would be potent to separate from each other than being a victim of violence and disrupting the life of their child or children.