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Women around the world are seeking equality for themselves in every field, but somehow that’s becoming difficult for them at every step. Now, when women are able to get jobs in every sector, some people are making it hard for them to survive, if by being a bus conductors is the way she wants to earn her livelihood, no one is allowed to make her feel guilty about that, because indian society is so bound to judgement that, they are always there seeking ways to judge women at every step they take, people often annoy them by discriminating them for what they’re doing, indian society has divided even jobs into categories to what belongs to men and which belongs to women, wherein men can do any job they like but women have a limited fields to work upon. Women being bus conductors is a boon to indian society, they think.
Moreover, the problem of eve teasers have made it unsafe for the women to do such job. Because buses being the cheapest transport, millions of people travel through buses and that do contain a lot of eve teasers disturbing women on them. Women’s safety has a threat everywhere around the country be it buses or streets.