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Women exploitation has been a major issue since the ancient times. Women in india have always been considered bound to men in each step of their lives. Earlier in india, women were not allowed to get educated, were married at a very early age, were responsible for all the house chores only and were burned with their husbands i.e sati pratha, all this was a torture to all the women facing this. Women needed to get their own identity other than that of their husbands. Many movements took place in order to fight for women’s rights but mostly failed, many people including raja ram mohan roy, Dr. B.R Ambedkar, dayanand saraswati, ishwar chandra vidyasagar, jyoti rao phule and many other reformers fought for women rights around which somehow did help women in getting better lives and since then, women have been fighting their feminist issues in order to have their own identities and dignity. All the reformers with their combined effects removed sati pratha from the books of indian culture, which was a great achievement for women, as now they didn’t have to burn themselves up alive, then they were allowed to get educated but not as much as men, the culture of dowry was tried to be removed that too was successful but not much. Unlike the ancient times feminist issues still exist around the country, but they’re continued to be evolved, change is a slow process but it is getting successful day by day.