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Rightly said by you Semantee, I agree with you on said things like Boys are said to act tough and not to cry like girls, and have a personality like masculine and not girly, keeping hair long doesn’t mean that only girls can do, girls should not wear clothes which reveal the body, this is very basic practices seen around us each day. I would also add that, Sexism is not only towards one gender but men also face and women too in every situation, NOt only this but a very laid down reason or can say that boys are to assumed be taller than a woman and woman assumed to do what is said by men…
In all cases of sexism, against males and females alike, both parties are always at fault (to what degree is dependent on the specific issue at hand); as in society at large is to blame most of all for perpetuating things under the guise of ‘manhood, womanhood, and roles. Things like this are only going to get better when we stop discrimination and blaming each other and differentiating between ‘I’& ‘you’ and focus on ‘WE’.