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Leadership is ability to help or influence others to achieve their goals. Women are very strong with there thoughts and views to guide someone. It is not esay to be a leader they should have clear thoughts, encourage team and have the power to complete the work with team. One of the reason women are good leaders they have balance between professional and personal leadership skills. They always encourage people for the work and they also give suggestions for there experience. They try to make there team skills sharp as per their performance. Leadership main thing is to listen there team members. And women are more capable to listen each point of view and thoughts of team members. They always there help team members to sharp there skills and strengths it is such a good quality of been good leader. Women always believe in team work and take wise decision about team with combining all the thoughts of team and make it team work. They manage to take decision fair by keeping their team in mind. Women manage there duties with household, parenting and taking care of hole family with there job responsibility this shows how can they manage their work and team. By sharing there experience with team they become more alert about not to repeat the mistakes again. Women’s always search for a solution for problems. They always try to solve the problems in a positive way. The important think leadership is about to motivate there team inspire them by sharing thoughts and experiences or motivational stories. There should be ethics maintain in the group ethics is something always seen by people. Women are good leaders because they has that power to go with all team members thoughts. They always work hard to learn more and more and give knowledge to there team.